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Frank Gore, DeSean Jackson Possible Holdouts: Lockout-Induced?

While we as San Francisco 49ers fans go nuts over a possible training camp holdout by Frank Gore, Philadelphia Eagles fans are dealing with a similar situation as word is out that DeSean Jackson also wants a new contract. It's a little bit different for them because the only inference of a holdout came from Michael Vick mentioning Jackson has some decisions to make. The Eagles pushed back the start of their camp one day so they can deal with the insanity of these past few days, but there is no official word yet as to whether Jackson will hold out. Technically neither is holding out yet since mandatory appearances aren't until tomorrow for both teams.

In light of the only recently ended NFL Lockout, it's hard to know how much discussion was had prior to Monday in regards to a contract extension. Technically teams couldn't speak with players and if the 49ers were going to mess with that rule, would it really have been to discuss an extension? I could see breaking the rule to get out a playbook, but not contract talks at that point.

The 49ers apparently have not been able to get in touch with Gore since the lockout ended which is troubling to say the least. After all, if the 49ers technically haven't been communicating with players and the 49ers haven't spoken with Gore since the end of the lockout, has there been enough time for Gore to actually communicate to the team what he wants? The same would really hold true for DeSean Jackson as well.

At this point, I've got to hope there's been contact at least with Drew Rosenhaus. I shot Rosenhaus a tweet about this so we'll see what he has to say. My guess at this point is as soon as the lockout ended Rosenhaus phoned the 49ers and said Gore wanted a new contract. The 49ers said they didn't want to deal with it at this point and Rosenhaus inferred a holdout could be coming. That seems to be the logical chain of events at this point.