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49ers Draft Picks: Aldon Smith, Kendall Hunter, Colin Kaepernick, Colin Jones, Michael Person, Curtis Holcomb Sign Contracts

49ers training camp begins today with physical examinations and meetings with coaches, but for now the team is taking care of business and getting their draft picks locked up. After locking up Daniel Kilgore and Bruce Miller yesterday followed by Chris Culliver and Ronald Johnson today , the 49ers have added the rest of their players. Aldon SmithColin Kaepernick, Kendall Hunter Curtis Holcomb, Colin Jones, and Michael Person have all  stable (per MaioccoBarrows49ersPR). 

Head after the jump to view the rookie wage scale figures per MM.

OLB Aldon Smith
First-year allocation: 2,615,273
Total four-year allocation: 14,384,000
First-year minimum allotment: 1,200,364
Note: Last season the Cleveland Browns awarded cornerback Joe Haden, the seventh overall pick, a five-year contract worth a minimum of $40 million and a maximum of $50.2 million with $25.6 million guaranteed.

QB Colin Kaepernick
First-year allocation: 931,691
Total four-year allocation: 5,124,300
First-year minimum allotment: 583,533
Note: Last season the Kansas City Chiefs awarded Dexter McCluster, the 36th overall pick, a four-year contract worth $5.15 million with $3.15 million guaranteed.

RB Kendall Hunter
First-year allocation: 484,805
Total four-year allocation: 2,666,425
First-year minimum allotment: 471,413

DB Colin Jones
First-year allocation: 399,724
Total four-year allocation: 2,198,480
First-year minimum allotment: 397,059

OL Mike Person
First-year allocation: 386,475
Total four-year allocation: 2,125,611
First-year minimum allotment: 382,475

CB Curtis Holcomb
First-year allocation: 386,475
Total four-year allocation: 2,125,611
First-year minimum allotment: 382,475

Hunter, Jones, Person and Holcomb all fall into the category of players that can earn additional fourth year month through the Proven Performance Escalator, which can raise the last year's salary to the right-of-first-refusal amount that year. Of those four I'd imagine Hunter is probably the most likely to reach the 35% playing time figure. For Colin Jones, he will spend most of his time on special teams so I'm curious if that will be sufficient to get him to the number.

We'll have plenty more on the 49ers draft picks in the coming days and weeks.