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Jason LaCanfora: 49ers To Release Nate Clements For Real This Time

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After yesterday's false start regarding Nate Clements impending release, we may have some clarity. Jason LaCanfora and Adam Schefter are both reporting the 49ers have informed Nate Clements he will be released. The move does not preclude a future reunion, but the sides could not work out a restructured contract.

Things are a little confusing after that, however. In LaCanfora's tweet he said the 49ers would clear $7 million in cap room. At one point others were reporting the cleared cap space would be more on the order $14M or $15M. Can we get some clarification on the cap number at this point?

Fooch's Note: It's $7M in salary, $15.7 million in cap space per John Clayton. LaCanfora tweets he'd still be surprised if Nnamdi went to SF.

Whatever the case it will clear out room for the team to make a run at Nnamdi Asomugha or Johnathan Joseph, although they could very well have other plans. I haven't heard any specific mentions of Joseph, but if the 49ers can't get Nnamdi, one would imagine they'd make a run at another top tier cornerback. The team has some young cornerbacks but will need a veteran to pair up with Shawntae Spencer. We'll have more updates in this developing situation.