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NFL Free Agents 2011: 49ers Interested In Johnathan Joseph, Chris Carr?

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In light of Michael Lombardi indicating the Texans have the lead in the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes and Jason LaCanfora tweeting that the he'd be surprised if the 49ers ended up with Nnamdi, we have a couple of nuggets to pass along. One is courtesy of the Detroit Free Press and one is courtesy of Matt Barrows.

The Detroit Free Press had an article today about wide receiver Rashied Davis signing with the Detroit Lions. At the bottom of the article they had this little gem:

[Detroit] still need[s] help at linebacker and cornerback, however, and are among the potential suitors for free-agent cornerback Jonathan Joseph. Joseph played for the Cincinnati Bengals last year, and reportedly has drawn interest from the Bengals, Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers.

There is no indication of sources so it's hard to tell how interested the 49ers actually are, other than to say they're interested. In somewhat related news, Barrows tweeted that the 49ers were a player for Chris Carr along with the Ravens and Jaguars. Of course, as someone tweeted back, it might just be easier to post "Niners in on all legitimate FA cornerbacks."

At this point, I would say it's hard to tell if the Nnamdi domino has to fall before anything else can happen. After all, Ike Taylor agreed to a contract, so maybe guys like Joseph and Carr work out deals early. Of course, once Nnamdi signs there will be a scramble by the losing teams to grab the next best option. That could buy the 49ers time to figure out where they stand with Nnamdi before they really make a strong push for a guy like Joseph.

How do the dominos fall?