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NFL Free Agents 2011: Olin Kreutz Receives Contract Proposal From 49ers

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The 49ers are continuing to figure out ways to resolve their dilemma at the center position and might have a short-term solution on the horizon. ESPN Chicago is reporting that Wednesday night the 49ers sent a contract proposal to Bears center Olin Kreutz. No word on the terms of the proposal.

The six-time Pro Bowler apparently was viewed as one of the few constants on a questionable Bears offensive line. I didn't follow the Bears too much, so please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong (pulled that from the ESPNChicago article). Apparently Kreutz has declined more lucrative offers in the past to stay with the Bears, so we'll see if the 49ers really have to overpay. I'd imagine there is no question he would be the starter in San Francisco, so playing time wouldn't be an issue. Although Kreutz hasn't been to a Pro Bowl since 2006, it sounds like he would a solid option to replace Baas.

Here is a look at the Scouts Inc scouting report on Kreutz:

Kreutz is an averaged-sized player with good athleticism and deceptive strength. He wins with intelligence, toughness, tenacity, technique, power, quickness and agility. His natural instincts allow him to gain leverage versus larger defenders with proper angles, hand use and body positioning. Kreutz is excellent at line calls and making adjustments. He can slam, scoop up to the second level and lock on to linebackers in space well. His lack of natural girth tends to show up versus powerful bull-rushers because he struggles at times to anchor in the middle. Kreutz is one of the most consistent, durable centers in the league.