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Schefter: Johnathan Joseph Agrees To Five-Year Deal With Houston Texans

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Adam Schefter just tweeted that the Houston Texans have come to terms on a five year contract with former Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph. This is a huge domino falling as the Texans were in the market for Nnamdi Asomugha. This comes as the Jets are trying to get some kind of answer out of him as to whatever offer they've made.

Where does this leave the 49ers? It's tough to tell at this point. Nnamdi remains on the market but Adam Schefter and much of the free world (see: East Coast) thinks Nnamdi to the Jets is more and more likely to happen. If Nnamdi does go to the Jets, the 49ers will be left holding the bag and likely trying to throw some cash at Chris Carr and/or working out a new contract with Nate Clements. The question will be whether Clements would want to return.

With free agency less than 24 hours away, we should have some kind of answer on Nnamdi in the near future. The 49ers held their cards close to the vest when it came to being involved in the Ochocinco Derby. Their interest in Nnamdi is now well-documented, but maybe they can pull out one more surprise and lock him down. My fingers are most definitely crossed.