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Barrows: Michael Crabtree Sidelined 'Weeks' With Foot Injury

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Fooch's Update #2: Dominique Zeigler and Bruce Miller join Crabtree on the PUP list.

Fooch's Update: Per Maiocco, the 49ers placed Crabtree on the Physical Unable To Perform List.

That foot injury that sidelined Michael Crabtree during the "Camp Alex" workouts would appear to in fact be more serious than first believed. Matt Barrows is reporting the foot injury will sideline Crabtree four to six weeks, meaning he'll likely miss the entire preseason.

That might be one reason the 49ers were attempting to trade for Chad Ochocinco. Although Crabtree will be back around the end of the preseason or the beginning of the regular season, I would imagine the 49ers will continue pursuing other wide receiver options as insurance given these repeated foot injuries dating back to before the 2009 NFL Combine.

At this point I'm not really sure what to say about Crabtree. This is a tough time to be dealing with this injury as the team is implementing a brand new offense. He showed his rookie year how quickly he could pick up the offense on the field, it's still tough. The upside to this year compared to his rookie year is he has a copy of the playbook and will be in attendance for classroom portions of camp. We'll see how it otherwise impacts his time in camp. Much more to come on this developing story.