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49ers Interested In Malcom Floyd; In Other News Nnamdi, Nnamdi, Nnamdi

Things have quieted down a bit as word is out that there will be no decision on Nnamdi Asomugha's NFL future tonight and the madness will continue into Friday. Thanks to early rising on the East Coast, I have a feeling I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning. I'm sure we'll find a few other folks out there ready to enjoy another day of Nnamdi Watch (props to ProfessorBigelow for inspiring this). I've got a few random angles still left to pursue on this story, so we'll have some of those in the morning.

For now, in our other major story of the evening, with Michael Crabtree's foot injury keeping him out of training, the 49ers find themselves in need of some receiving help. They've got a host of young receivers but the loss of the guy who would be number one requires a little more than just twiddling your thumbs. So it appears as thought the 49ers have expressed some interest in Chargers free agent Malcolm Floyd.

Floyd hauled in six touchdowns in 2010 but only 37 receptions in 11 games. He has played a full 16-game season once in his career (2009) and generally been a bit of a disappointment. For now, if the 49ers were to bring him in he'd get a decent shot at playing time at least during the preseason with Crabtree out and Morgan more or less the de factor number one receiver.