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Caption This: I Couldn't Do It

Fooch's Note: How about a little Caption This to relieve our Nnamdi and otherwise free agency-induced anxiety?

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. Last week, I teased - I promised! - an Al Davis Caption This. I had the setup. I had the gumption. I had the follow through. Or, I thought I did. You would be amazed how many things searching through photos of Al Davis will make you lose your gumption for. Good God.

To say that man is frightening is an understatement. To call that an understatement is an understatement. It's like the infinite mirror trick of understatements. When you align them just right, the amount of understatement that it is just goes on forever. They fail to make prosthetics for horror movies - good horror movies! - that are as frightening as Al Davis's actual image. Al Davis looked at Medusa one time, and she couldn't bring herself to meet his gaze.

I'm still scarred. There's just no way to include one of those photos in good conscience. I can't be personally responsible for that much PTSD.

So, instead, I've gone to the bin of easy targets.

These six individuals are cheering on Ben Roethlisberger's new marriage. There's a backstory here, but I'm still putting away the final research. As far as I've been able to discern, these six either represent what remains of the Ben Roethlisberger fan club, or they represent a support group of people he's personally locked himself in the women's bathroom with, cheering on the fact that his days as a club-hopping bachelor are done.

So hit us with your best and funniest captions for this photo. When you see one that makes you laugh, rec' it. If your caption gets the most rec's, I'll name-drop you next week, just like I'm name-dropping LondonNiner this week. He ran away with last week's contest, very nearly breaking the still unbroken 20-rec' mark.