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Joe Nedney Reportedly Announcing Retirement Today

While we continue to wait for Nnamdi Asomugha to decide where he's taking his talents in 2011, the biggest news for 49ers fans is the decision to release Joe Nedney and sign David Akers. Nedney has dealt with some injury issues the last couple years so the move is not entirely surprising. And now we have a bit more on the situation as Dan Brown is reporting that Joe Nedney is set to announce his retirement today after a 15-year NFL career.

Nedney has generally been a fan favorite in San Francisco so it's disappointing to see his time come to an end. Although he wasn't a great kickoff man, he was fairly automatic inside the 40 and really that's a solid return on an investment.

Joe Nedney was also the subject of two video clips that will remain personal favorites for a long time. One is a song dedicated to Nedney that rides a fine line between dedicated and creepy. The second is his battle with Ziggy the Robot. Head after the jump to enjoy some classic Nedney.

His battle with Ziggy The Robot