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Golden Nuggets: Only Nnamdi Asomugha Matters Now, For Me ... And 49ers

I've finally been able to set some time aside to actually get you good folks a full iteration of the Golden Nuggets. For the newbies to Niners Nation, joining in the wake of Asomughamageddon, the Nuggets are a daily link dump in which I force my commentary and snark upon each and every one of you. You'll learn to love it or ... well ... I don't really care. You can address any and all complaints to the comment section, where it's very likely that I won't read any of them. I do read all the fanmail, though. So there's that. 

The 49ers are releasing Nate Clements, letting Joe Nedney retire and making sure that Aubrayo Franklin's posterior is nowhere near hitting the door on his way out. The rookies are getting contracts and we're getting ever closer to football. So why all the tension around here? Well, the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes is why. We still have no clue what's going on, and anybody who says they do at this point is lying. La Canfora has been great lately, but his knowledge of the situation extends only a little further than ours, in that he simply sees the New York Jets as the more attractive option and is putting himself in Nnamdi's shoes. But it's not over yet .. hopefully the 49ers can bring him in. Anyway, on to your links, make the jump for more, post any I missed in the comments and enjoy.

It looks like Michael Crabtree is going to miss yet another preseason. I believe that he has a foot injury and wish him a speedy recovery, but I am firmly in the " ... Well what now!?" camp in regards to him. Hopefully he is more prepared in week one (if he is to return then) than he was in 2010. (

David Akers is the new guy in town for kickoffs, and it's a mixed bag for me. He's good, but I did have a small hope that Fabrizio Scaccia could come in and compete. It's not that he can't now, just that it's probably not necessary. Also will miss Joe Nedney, who is a great guy and a solid kicker. (

Frank Gore's holdout will not be a huge deal (literally and figuratively) in the end, or at least that's how I feel on the matter. I'm sure it will get worked out and we don't have to worry about a 2011 without our star running back. Thing is ... I've been wrong before. Happens a lot, actually. The only guarantee I make is that I will scorch the earth under Drew K if he claims that Dominique Zeigler won't make it again. (SB Nation Bay Area)

The 49ers signed a quarterback yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen, the new "future" of the 49ers: McLeod Bethel-Thompson. Beast. (SB Nation Bay Area)

It's no secret that a good cornerback is at the top of the 49ers' wishlist. Without Nate Clements we really have no options other than Shawntae Spencer, Tarrel Brown and Chris Culliver. That scares me. (

In awesome news, the 49ers were able to get all ten drafted rookies signed prior to training camp. That's great and all, let's hope that at least a couple of them can play football. (

There's pros and cons to signing Olin Kreutz, but in my mind, the pros far outweigh the cons. We need a center right now, though I would be alright with Adam Snyder filling the posistion. (

I can't wait to see Colin Kaepernick get in there and throw. He's got such a great arm, I really hope he's the quarterback of the future here in San Francisco. (

Isaac Sopoaga has been told that he's moving to nose tackle. I'm not sure it's the best idea, for a number of reasons. For one, he had a great year last year, and it's kind of silly to be moving him now that he finally had a good year, after disappointing so much since being drafted. For two, Aubrayo Franklin is really good. And finally, Ray McDonald may not be starter material. It's scary stuff. (

49ers training camp: Five burning questions (

Kaepernick Q&A (

Five Questions With Vernon Davis (

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