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49ers Free Agency Needs: Fullback Anybody?

One roster move people discussed off and on throughout the offseason was finding a new fullback. Moran Norris struggled this past year and is now entering the final year of his contract. There are some talented fullbacks in free agency at this point but the 49ers have made no indication of cutting Moran Norris. The only rumors to date have dealt with converting Bruce Miller or using Anthony Dixon a bit more frequently in a fullback role. They also can use Nate Byham in a sort of h-back role.

Is this something the 49ers are playing close to the vest, or is it possible they are content going to camp with Moran Norris competing against this hodge-podge of current options? I know I've harped on it a bit, but after the Ochocinco news came out (49ers had received permission to trade for him), it's hard to tell what the team has in mind outside of their pursuit of Nnamdi.

Although it's been a crazy few days of rumors, there are still a lot of agreements to be made, which could make this afternoon and evening all the crazier. Free agency gets going at 3:00pm pacific at which point we'll probably a decent number of moves go down. Maybe the 49ers make a fullback move at that point? Or is the team likely satisfied with their current situation?