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Nnamdi Asomugha Signs With Eagles Leaving 49ers Looking For Free Agent CB Options

Fooch's Note: By the way, site decorum is off

The Philadelphia Eagles have swooped in and stolen Nnamdi Asomugha from out of the reaches of half the NFL. Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer and Michael Lombardi all seemed to claim knowledge on the situation and now the Eagles have a press conference scheduled. Adam Schefter tweeted that the deal is five years, $60 million with $25 million guaranteed. The Eagles texted out confirmation but I was amazed how many people were "reporting the news."

Now the 49ers are back to square one and we are left to wonder what there next move will be. The Jets will likely make a push to bring back Antonio Cromartie. Does the Eagles addition of Nnamdi mean the departure of Asante Samuel? If so, do the 49ers make a run at him if he's cut? Otherwise it seems that Chris Carr, Carlos Rogers and Richard Marshall are the three "significant" names remaining on the market.

It's 30 minutes into free agency and the big shoe has dropped. I'd imagine there is plenty more to come shortly. What's next?