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NFL Free Agents 2011: The Sounds Of Silence

The Nnamdi sweepstakes are over and the 49ers remain silent in free agency since agreeing to terms with David Akers. The 49ers did make official their Alex Smith, Ray McDonald and Tony Wragge contracts. Other than that we haven't heard much. The collection of free agents they've been connected to include C Olin Kreutz, WR Malcolm Floyd, CB Chris Carr, QB Matt Moore and really not much else.

Now this is not to say they've been doing nothing in free agency. In reality we really don't know what actions they've taken aside from the reported contract offer to Kreutz. There are still a host of free agents out there (PFT list worth checking out) and none of them can practice until the new CBA is completely ratified (which could be as late as August 4).

Are some of these guys possibly waiting later to sign deals since they can avoid some of training camp? After all, most free agents normally are signed, sealed and delivered by late March, which means they can't really skip camp. The unique circumstances of the lockout have placed both players and teams into very unusual circumstances and both sides are sort of figuring things out as they move along.

For now though, silence reigns in Niner-land.