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2011 NFL Free Agency, Day Two: 49ers Gettin Busy Today?

The 49ers head into the second day of free agency with holes on the depth chart and cash in hand. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke after practice yesterday and made it very clear that the team was going to stay quiet about its plans and divulge nothing.

On whether he feels confident that there is a plan in place to take care of some of the 49ers' personnel issues through free agency:

"I do. I've been involved in it and [general manager] Trent Baalke and I are talking everyday on it and we're executing that plan, and I think smartly. We feel good about it and we'll let our time and results judge if we were correct in our thinking."

On whether part of the plan is to be patient and let things shake out:

"We're working very hard at it and, as far as the patience part, I would probably say three quarters of the team in the National Football League are taking that approach right now."

Now obviously he's the coach and he's going to put on a positive front when it comes to these free agency issues. So I suppose we can't just get sucked in and assume all is well in the 49ers world when it comes to free agency. At the same time, I do agree that patience is necessary at this point. There are some talented players still on the market and the 49ers have the cash to make a variety of moves. Of course, if nobody actually wants to come to San Francisco then I suppose that's a whole other problem entirely.

For now, there are players to be had. You can follow all of the signings in SB Nation's NFL Free Agency Stream. Additionally, PFT is tracking acquisitions and releases by team. They also have a list of what they believe are the top 80 free agents. The list isn't entirely updated but there are some names to track through this second day of training camp.