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NFL Free Agents 2011: Plaxico Burress Visiting 49ers Today, Jets Tomorrow

I was out grabbing lunch when the tweet came in indicating Plaxico Burress will be visiting the 49ers today and then the Jets tomorrow. All indications are that the 49ers are a bit of a longshot to land Burress, but the fact that he's visiting the team at all is at least a positive step. For now, he's already visited the Steelers and Giants.

The 49ers wide receivers are a bit thinned with the injury to Michael Crabtree, and a veteran presence would be of some value. In spite of his time in prison, I'd argue the gun stuff was more just a matter of stupidity. After all, any professional athlete knows your entourage carries the weapons. That's one of the reasons you have an entourage with you when you go out. I think the bigger issue though is the fact that he was wearing sweat pants at a club. Really Plax?

But seriously, all reports indicated he was in excellent shape coming out of prison and that is not just tweets by his agent. He last played in 2008 when he played ten games and caught 35 passes for 454 yards. The previous season he hauled in 70 receptions for 1,025 yards and 12 touchdowns. It's hard to tell what he'll do given the 2+ season absence. At the very least he could bring some interesting competition to camp.