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The Joe Show Returns: Training Camp Edition

Yes my friends, Joe Staley and The Joe Show is back. After a teaser last week of episode one, we've got it here in all its glory. The 49ers have moved to adding more of their content through their YouTube page so we've got some video we can now embed.

This first episode isn't quite as entertaining as previous versions, but I think the show's just a little rusty from all the time off. We don't have anything like Ricky Jean-Francois doing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance, but I'd imagine it'll get better in the coming weeks.

This first episode features an interview with Adam Snyder in which we get to see the silver-painted toe nails (a good reason for it). And of course we get to see Mike Iupati napping and probably not too pleased to be answering questions. So, enjoy yourself some of The Joe Show as we get back into football.