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49ers Training Camp Injury Update: Chilo Rachal In, Nate Byham, Dontavia Bogan Out

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Free agency has apparently quieted down for the evening as the 49ers are meeting with Aubrayo Franklin tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get some kind of resolution on that tomorrow. In the meantime, the 49ers are actually practicing and had their first padded practice today. The 49ers have suffered a couple injuries this weekend with Nate Byham going down hard yesterday with some kind of leg or knee injury and wide receiver Dontavia Bogan getting hurt today.

The good news is that Chilo Rachal is back on the field practicing with the first team. He was out prior to today with Coach Harbaugh saying he had something to work on. That led to a variety of speculation, but based on developments, "something to work on" seems to be code for injury issues for now. I wouldn't put it past Harbaugh to apply that to just about anything, but we'll have to wait and see. For now, it seems like it was an injury of some sort keeping him out practice.

We don't know the severity of the injuries to Byham and Bogan, although Bogan sent out a simple "Smh" tweet so that can't be a good thing. Although it will take a little time to figure out the severity of the injury, it's possible he has a good idea of how significant the injury is at this point.

While the 49ers have no problems in terms of Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker at tight end, Byham offers versatility in an H-back sort of role, as well as a blocking tight end. If he's going to miss extended time, that would be a tough blow for the 49ers depth. They brought in tight end Konrad Reuland but it remains to be seen what he brings to the table in terms of versatility.

As for Bogan's injury, the 49ers brought in four UDFA wide receivers including Bogan, Tyler Beiler, Joe Hastings and Chris Hogan. It is too early to tell what kind of impact Bogan would have had, so for now we'll just see what the rest of the UDFAs bring to the table.