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Frank Gore Expected To End Holdout, Return To Camp

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Turns out the comment earlier by one of our readers was spot on. I'll find the user name but someone said a friend texted saying Frank Gore was on their flight out of Miami. Turns out that is indeed big news as Matt Maiocco just tweeted that Gore will return to San Francisco under his current contract while the 49ers try and work out a new deal.

We'll have plenty more on this but I'm in the midst of cooking dinner and wanted to get something posted quickly. The beep of Tweetdeck certainly is powerful!

The 49ers still have plenty of other concerns to deal with, but given how quiet free agency has been, it's nice for a little bit of good news in our world. Gore is a key cog in the offense and will be an important part of the Harbaugh system.

In other news, practice is cancelled for tomorrow, although no word on why at this point.

Much more to come on the return of Frank Gore.

Fooch's Update: Found the comment about the text. Rep the Bay, well played my friend.