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Golden Nuggets: Hoping For An End To This Lockout

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So since you guys are totally lazy and wouldn't do a little bit of research, the picture I was referring to regarding Alex Smith and my parents is located here. So there's that, you lazy lot. I'm going to have to keep with my quick links for the next couple days to catch up with some other work I need to get done. It'll help me prepare as we near what I'm assuming is going to be a new collective bargaining agreement, or something not entirely unlike one. Let's all hope. My brief moment of optimism is waning. Enjoy the links, if there are any. There probably aren't.

49ers' Willis is new No. 1 among linebackers (

Chat wrap: From Okung to 'Camp Alex' (

49ers' Smith wraps team workouts, happy with progress (

Smith grooming Kaepernick for 49ers (

No promise of payoff for Alex Smith (

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