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Kevin Kolb To NFC West Rumors Continuing Swirling

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A couple weeks after Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb was connected with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the Arizona Cardinals, more NFC West trade rumors are popping up. Take it with a HUGE grain of salt, but apparently a Seattle radio host has a source indicating the Seahawks have offered a first round pick and third round pick for Kolb. I'll give you a minute to snicker at me reporting this rumor.

While I won't give much credence, if any, to radio rumors, I don't think anybody would be surprised if the Seahawks decided to make a move for Kevin Kolb. While there are detractors of Kolb, I think even they would likely admit there are people out there in positions of power who like Kolb's potential. Given that Rob Johnson turned one good start with the Jacksonville Jaguars into a comically bad contract with the Buffalo Bills, it should surprise nobody that football people think Kolb is the proverbial golden ticket.

As it currently stands, where do people think Kolb ends up? I still think the Seahawks will re-sign Matt Hasselbeck so I'm more likely to discount them. Beyond the NFC West is there anywhere else you think could emerge as a darkhorse for Kolb?