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Golden Nuggets: Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith Back At The Negotiating Table

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I'm here to cover the Nuggets for James as we prepare for the latest most important day of the NFL labor negotiations. Tuesday and Wednesday primarily involved the attorneys for both sides working on specific language that would be used in the eventual collective bargaining agreement. By putting together the specific language it saves time down the road when the agreement is officially hammered out.

However, today is the day things pick back up at the all important bargaining table. Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith will be back at it trying to come to an agreement on a variety of issues. The most important issue is the general division of the $9 billion pot of gold and many of the other issues spring from that. Apparently Judge Arthur Boylen, the mediator in this whole mess, is scheduled to go on vacation on Saturday but there is no word how long it will last. Let's hope significant strides can be made between now and Saturday. On to the Nuggets!

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