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Pro Football Talk, 49ers Worst Moments: I Call Shenanigans

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The folks over at Pro Football Talk have spent a chunk of the lockout putting together a list of the worst "moments" for each franchise since the 1987 NFL work stoppage. The 49ers got the PFT treatment today and it appears that PFT's definition of a "moment" is different than my definition of a "moment." You can view the video after the jump

You can video of Florio's comments after the jump. In the meantime, PFT listed out the bottom four moments for the 49ers and came up with the following list:

1. 1990 NFC Title Game
2. Cowboys Dominance (92-93)
3. Packers Dominance (95-97)
4. 1987 Divisional Playoff Loss

I can buy number one and number four as potential worst moments. The 1987 divisional playoff loss came in a season in which the 49ers were the best team in the NFL and the likely favorites to win the Super Bowl. After a first round bye, the 49ers lost at home to 36-24 in a game in which Joe Montana was actually benched at one point.

The 1990 NFC Title game was a brutal game thanks to Roger Craig's fumble and Matt Bahr's game-winning field goal to send the Giants to the Super Bowl. The 49ers lost out on a chance at a three-peat that day. Definitely a worst moment.

However, the middle two don't really qualify as "moments" so much as just worst experiences overall. I'd be more inclined to include Eddie DeBartolo giving up ownership of the team and Steve Young's concussion. While Eddie D and the 49ers were facing repercussions from salary cap shenanigans, I often wonder how Eddie would have done once he really got used to the salary cap era. Maybe he would have struggled with it, but I'd imagine most 49ers would have at least liked to find out.

As for Young's concussion, it was questionable how much longer he had to play, but he was coming off a season in which he reached career highs in touchdowns (36) and yards thrown (4,170). The 49ers had finally gotten past Green Bay and had a solid replacement for Garrison Hearst in the form of Charlie Garner. Instead, Young's career was finished and the 49ers went into a two-year slide. It was great that Jeff Garcia eventually helped get the 49ers back to respectability, but it was the end of an era when Young went down.

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