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Golden Nuggets: Josh Johnson Is Still On My 49ers Wishlist

Quick thanks to Fooch for covering the Nuggets yesterday, I was unable to get 'em done. I'm back now, and we're back to full iterations of the Nuggets. Yesterday, I started a series of posts about 49ers players on Twitter ... they are fun for me to put together, so I hope you enjoy reading my commentary during them, don't forget to go check it out. I'm receptive to any more potential names for the series of posts. And when I say "receptive", I mean that I'm begging for them. Anyway, we've got a few links for you today, but I don't know (and won't go check) which links Fooch included yesterday, so you might see some recycled. Also, a congratulations to Eric Branch for moving over to the San Francisco Chronicle, they just picked up a writer with a ton of talent. Enjoy the links.

Eric Branch, as noted, is with the Chronicle now, and here's a great column in which he lays some knowledge down about Josh Johnson that I wasn't familiar with before. I really like Johnson a lot and would love him to get a chance in San Francisco. (

I agree with Maiocco, in regards to the player-organized workouts. I think that they are a necessity and find myself disagreeing with Takeo Spikes, something I don't do often. (

Bob Padecky does not agree with Maiocco. However, he's talking about something else entirely: Maiocco's assertion that Terrell Owens will not be a Hall of Famer. In my mind, T.O. will get in on his first try. So I disagree with Matt as well. (

Well, I sincerely hope that the commenting here on Niners Nation never becomes like that of some of the more mainstream sites. It really is lowest common denominator of people, but this is an interesting piece nonetheless. Spikes was named as one of the patients of Dr. Anthony Galea, a guy being popped for smuggling human growth hormone into the 'States. What does this mean? Nothing, as it stands. Personally, I don't think Spikes gets near that kind of stuff, he's always been a big guy, and his neck has basically always been bigger than his head. Then again, I'm biased. Who knows?  (

Pretty clear and to the point regarding my feeling about the stadium situation. It's nothing to me right now. I need something tangible. (

High powered firm hired to sell 49ers season tickets at Santa Clara stadium (

49ers ex-quarterback Ken Dorsey at work on his coaching future (

49ers worst moments since the '87 strike (

49ers staff at an advantage after lockout? (

Santa Clara Breaks Ground On Tasman Garage (

Turner Talks 49ers Hall Of Fame, Team Museum (

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