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Kenny Powers K-Swiss Commercial Includes Patrick Willis As VP Of Carnage

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Earlier today, K-Swiss released a commercial featuring its newest "CEO", Kenny Powers. If you haven't seen Eastbound & Down on HBO, you probably have no idea who Kenny Powers is. K-Swiss has set up a marketing campaign in which they've "signed" Powers to do promotional work for the company. In this latest commercial, Powers has been promoted to CEO of the company and is introducing his management team. The team features various athletes and sports personalities taking over roles within the company. Matt Cassel is hired as Chief Marketing Officer, Jillian Michaels works as the Community Outreach Director, and various other athletes are involved in specific roles.

The highlight has to be Patrick Willis being introduced as VP of Carnage. Even though it may not be a traditional role in a company, is it not the most fitting role for Bamm Bamm? Willis appears at the 1:50 mark and the highlight of his appearance might be at the 1:57 mark when he runs through a wall.

Consider this an open thread heading into the weekend.