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Golden Nuggets: Lockout Condoned Or Not, A Deal Will Get Done

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So apparently we had some lockout news yesterday, but I didn't read up on it as much as I probably should have. For the most part, I'm just going to sit back and let things happen. All I've heard are positive things in regards to the deals being worked on, I'm not going to let something like a ruling condoning the lockout get in the way of my rare positivity. I'd much rather focus on positive and awesome things, like the K-Swiss CEO bit with Patrick Willis, or the new Fair to Midland album. Oh wait, that's not positive or awesome because the stupid internet is letting me down and it has yet to leak. I'm about to bribe London Niner to go buy me a copy because stores in the UK broke the street date. Anyway ... now that we've got my tangent out of the way, let's get to any and all links.

Like I said before, the ruling that came through yesterday will not expressly change ... anything. Both sides are working towards a deal and they seem like they're serious about it this time. (

The 49ers are running a thing called "Super Bowl Under The Stars," which will be a screening of, you guessed it, the first Super Bowl the team won. Should be fun. (

I like the signing of Bruce Miller, I think he will make a capable fullback if he's dedicated to learning the position. He's got great assets in regards to lead-blocking, most notably his propensity to utilize leverage to the best of its ability, and his strong center of  gravity. He's picking up the new position well, supposedly. (

Eric Branch wrote a piece a couple days ago about Josh Johnson, here's the transcript from the talk. (

Vernon Davis is listed as one of the players who could follow in the footsteps of John Mackey, who helped revolutionize the tight end position. Davis is the kind of game-changer who could become the prototype of what teams want. (

They're selling season tickets for the new stadium already. I'm a season ticket holder and I haven't gotten any call, and I imagine it'll stay that way. Not that I'd be able to afford them anyway. Probably wouldn't be able to attend a single game in the new stadium. (

Jim Harbaugh withdrew from a celebrity golf tournament to further prepare for the end of the lockout. I don't know that it signifies how well things are progressing at the negotiating table, or if it's just something he felt he needed to do regardless, but interesting nonetheless. (

Why The July 15th Date Has Been Mentioned So Often (

49ers Community QB Program (

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