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NFL Free Agents 2011: 49ers Reportedly Interested In Carlos Rogers

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The San Francisco 49ers continue their jaunt through free agency once again being linked to another name. A league source is indicating the 49ers have expressed some level of interest in Redskins free agent cornerback Carlos Rogers. Of course, as we know all too well, reported interest does not necessarily lead to a contract.

The 49ers have been connected to numerous free agents. Just among cornerbacks they've been mentioned in connection with Nnamdi Asomugha, Antonio Cromartie and Chris Carr. That's not exactly surprising since those were three of the top corners available in free agency. Adding Carlos Rogers to the list is not all that surprising.

I've been a willing proponent of the patience theory, but even I have to admit the team would appear to need another cornerback in camp, if only to create some more competition. As it currently stands, the team has six corners, and a seventh player listed as a DB. For the purposes of this post I'm not including Curtis Holcomb since an Achilles injury likely lands him on injured reserve.

The 49ers corners right now are as follows:

Shawntae Spencer
Tarell Brown
Phillip Adams
Chris Culliver
Tramaine Brock
Cory Nelms
Anthony West (DB)

That's not exactly an overwhelming list. You've got four roster spots for Spencer, Brown, Adams and Culliver. Brock could very well earn a fifth spot. The problem is that barring some unexpected camp performances, Nelms and West don't exactly provide robust competition for a roster spot.

Conceivably the team could still add in a guy like Rogers and then bring back Dashon Goldson at safety. That would be an improvement over the current batch of players, but the 49ers don't seem to be in much of a hurry to make any of that happen.

This has been one of the more bizarre free agency periods in 49ers history. On the one hand it's surprising the team has been so passive in signing players. On the other hand, given the unique nature of this offseason, I suppose nothing should surprise me.