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NFL Free Agents 2011: Madieu Williams Reportedly Signs With 49ers

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Matt Maiocco and Matt Barrows seemed to simultaneously report via twitter that former Vikings safety Madieu Williams has agreed to terms with the 49ers on a one-year contract.  Maiocco just added this post with some more info on Williams, as well.

Williams signed a hefty deal with the Vikings in 2007 only to have his first few seasons de-railed by injury.  Once healthy Williams played fairly well, but as time went on he didn't seem to live-up to his contract.  Williams was due $5.4 Million in 2011, thus prompting the Vikings to release him.

Williams is a very high-character guy, named the 2010 NFL Walter Payton "Man of the Year".  He also generously donates money to his alma-mater, The University of Maryland, as well as operating the Madieu Williams Foundation - a charity that teaches youths the importance of fitness and nutrition.

This signing would seem to indicate the likelihood of Dashon Goldson not returning to the team with the other depth at the safety position and the relative lack of depth at Center, CB, and potentially WR.

After the jump are parts of the Yahoo! Sports scouting report on Williams from about a year ago.

When healthy, Williams has been a perennial starter in the league since his rookie season in 2004. He has good size and athleticism with deceptive strength for the safety position. He has good speed, quickness and burst off the hash and is able to cover effectively downfield. Williams has good lateral agility, balance and quickness to plant and redirect in space. He transitions well out of his peddle to close quickly to both the run and pass. He reacts quickly as a run-support player and to route progressions. He is a solid tackler and shows good pop and power on contact. Williams has had some durability problems in past seasons but stayed on the field in 2009.