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49ers Free Agents: Is Aubrayo Franklin On The Verge Of Re-Signing With 49ers?

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Fooch's note: Site decorum is on, so watch the language.

The twitter-verse is starting to heat up with reports that the San Francisco 49ers may have come to terms with nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin. Chris Biderman is reporting the news according to "a source with knowledge of the situation." I don't know Chris, but I do know that his tweet was re-tweeted by the man they call Bay Area Sports Guy. I do know @BASportsguy and he would not retweet the story if he did not think it was a credible source. I suppose we'll see if that blows up in his or my face.

Feel free to take the news with a grain of salt, but given the way this situation has developed, it would not surprise me if Franklin has in fact re-signed. Franklin was scheduled to be in town today to meet with the 49ers staff. If he did not have a deal in hand from another team, it would make sense for him to lock something up with the 49ers. After all, without any offers his leverage would likely only go down.

I will say that pen has likely not yet come to paper. The 49ers have not officially published any news on Franklin, which would come once Franklin actually signs the physical contract.

If this news is in fact true, it is a nice step forward for the defense. There had been talk that Isaac Sopoaga would be inserted in at nose tackle, with Ray McDonald at left defensive end. The potential return of Franklin would create both competition at NT and LDE, while also creating depth once the starters are determined. I realize Sopoaga would be making a good deal of money to be a back up (same holds true for McDonald) but it's always better to have too many options rather than too few (cornerback position, I do believe I'm talking to you). If Franklin does in fact return it would be a positive move forward for the team's 3-4 defense.

More to come on this developing situation.