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NFL Free Agency Evening Thread: The Tweets

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I thought I'd roll out one final thread for the evening, barring some big breakthrough and a signing. The 49ers added Madieu Williams to the roster, which led to a quick run of tweets from safety Dashon Goldson. It was actually a very interesting run of comments from The Hawk, although it naturally led to a lot of visceral reaction.

His initial comments were probably not the wisest course of action when it comes to negotiating strategy since the team might view it as a sign of weakness from the free agent. Each side is looking for some form of leverage in whatever discussions are currently on-going.

What I found most interesting however were the comments by Goldson in regards to the 49ers decision to sign Madieu Williams. Goldson said he didn't view the signing as a bad move and that Williams is a productive player. Furthermore, he inferred Williams is a bit underrated when he pointed to him as a productive player that doesn't quite get the highlights of an Ed Reed or Bob Sanders. He said he is productive nonetheless and will produce for the 49ers.

In reviewing those tweets, I thought I'd take a stab in the dark and do some speculating. After all, neither Goldson nor the 49ers has really come out with much on their discussions. Initially I thought Goldson's comments might be a sign he was likely gone. But if things don't develop soon he might be forced back to the team and it's possible he is realizing that. After all, he didn't badmouth Williams in the early tweets, so maybe he recognizes he could be a teammate in the coming days.

Maybe this isn't the last we've seen of Dashon Goldson.