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Golden Nuggets: In A Hurry

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Good morning folks, Ninjames here, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. Not a whole lot of time to provide commentary for your links tonight, but I will give you what you need. Your fix if you will. When the season gets going, we'll have all your commentary and sarcasm once the season gets going, but right now, I'm still in lockout and offseason mode. So let's get to your links quick like, and post anything I happened to miss in the comments. Enjoy, folks.

Camp report: Stanford rookie's stock rising (

Aldo Smith has right to bear arms (

Antwan Applewhite - how he fits in (

49ers' Gore geared up (

49ers pasta (hot), links and more (

Jerry Rice Joins ESPN, Rips NFL Great (

49ers notes: Willis looking to amp up pass rush (

Stop the presses: Patrick Willis isn't perfect (

Braylon Edwards Starts Anew With 49ers (

Bowman Ready To Start (

Crabtree expected to miss entire preseason (

Being a Sheep

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