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Niners Nation Fantasy League Update

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Fooch's Note: Forgot to mention these are Yahoo! leagues. JOIN HERE.

Due to the overwhelming interest, we've got a few more leagues for folks that want to join in the NN fantasy football fun. If you are in a league already please do not take a spot in one of these new leagues.

NN #4 is set up with a commissioner in place so there are 11 spots in the league. I've set up two additional leagues where I am listed as commissioner. However, for those leageus what I want to do is re-assign the commissioner duties to somebody else, and then I will leave the league, thus opening up one more spot. If you get a spot in either league 5 or league 6 and can take over commissioner duties, please post in the comments here your team name and I'll assign you the commish duties.

NN League 4: 443763

NN League 5: 465225

NN League 6: 465250

Just a reminder that the draft dates/time currently listed in each league are not final. They're simply placeholders.

Once we have a commissioner for leagues five and six I'll post a comment so we can add two more people (one in each league). After that, if the leagues are full, comment if you're unable to get into a league so we can see how many more leagues to add.

For beginners, there will be one more spot in our beginner league once I assign a commissioner there. Otherwise, go ahead and just dive right into the new leagues listed above. It's not costing you any money so even if you struggle it'll be a good learning experience.