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NN NFL Tournament of Badness Winner: Dallas Cowboys Being America's Team

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For many of you, there was never a doubt in your mind. The one-seeded top entry in the bracket "Dallas Being Referred To As America's Team" destroyed everything in its path to claim the title of badness. Many of you called it, and none of us are surprised. I do think this goes much farther than "a 49ers blog hates the Dallas Cowboys," though. Because it's not just us, everybody hates the Cowboys. No seriously, stop someone and ask them on the street, if they're not specifically a fan of Dallas or they don't follow football, chances are that they want those Cowboys to be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Go to London right now and stop one of the rioters and ask him. You think he's angry now? Not a chance, my friend. You'll see true anger when you mention the Cowboys.

And that's why the moniker is such a bad one. That's why it irks so many of us. The New York FOOTBALL Giants is a dumb name in this day and age, but not a whole lot of us want to eviscerate each individual Giants player like we might for the Cowboys. The dumb name remains a dumb name and nothing more. If only that were the case for "America's Team." Unfortunately, there's so much about that team and the perception of that team that we hate, that the moniker is all that much more insulting.

That being said, after the 479-237 drubbing of "Score, Commercial, Kickoff, Commercial," we're not done with this yet. We'll have some bonus matchups every now and then. This versus the lockout. Versus Roger Goodell. John York. The possibilities are endless and much fun will be had. I have decided to start up a new bracket contest, which will have a fanpost later on today.

Until then, let's celebrate the awfulness of the Cowboys. Here's a link to the final matchup, and of course here's the full bracket and results. I do know that some of you won't like this result and will consider it bias, but that's the way it shaped up, and I certainly enjoy running this tournament. The bonus matchups should be fun. Today we crown it, but can it keep the title?