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Golden Nuggets: Football Is Here! Kind Of ...

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Aaaaand we have football! Well, other fans do. We can watch football to, but our 49ers won't be in action until tomorrow, when they travel to take on the Saints. Tonight, I'll be watching the Raiders game to see how they fare, as I've got a lot to write about them and the like. I know some of you just booed and maybe even a few of you hissed, retreating, but it is what it is. Personally, I feel as though today will be absolutely agonizing as we wait to see what this team is like. That being said, we've got some quick links today, and if you missed my fanpost about the new bracket tournament I'll be running, head over to it and get some reccs in. Enjoy.

49ers rookie Chris Culliver stands out in practice; Harbaugh praisies Kaepernick (

Leading off: Harbaugh's training camp mixed brain with brawn (

49ers have crowded secondary (

Camp report: Edwards, Smith building rapport (

49ers vs. Saints NFL Preseason: San Francisco Installing New Playbooks ... Everywhere (SB Nation Bay Area)

Practice-lite (

Goldson chose 49ers over Patriots, seriously (

49ers notes: Rookies' aptitude impresses Harbaugh (

Goldson Flies Back Home (

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