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NFL Preseason Open Thread

When I set up the open bar thread I completely forgot that preseason action started tonight. We might need to create a new thread that's clear of game discussion. I'll post a new FanPost tomorrow that will be for just bar discussion.

In the meantime, here is our open thread for the remainder of this evening, which will include the Raiders and the Cardinals. It's rather amusing that the Raiders preseason game is blacked out, with the airing starting at 9:00pm pacific on KICU Action 36 in the Bay Area.

The Chargers are currently up 10-7 on the Seahawks in the middle of the third quarter and the Broncos head into halftime with a lead over the Cowboys. Nothing wrong with that. The Patriots are crushing Jacksonville 33-9 at the moment and the Vince Young-proclaimed "Dream Team" Eagles are up 13-3 on the Ravens. All in all it's good to have football back in our lives.

Tomorrow we'll have a thread opening up at around 4pm pacific for the 49ers-Saints contest. I'll be out living it up for my birthday so James will provide new threads as needed. I'm curious to see how busy it gets here for the 49ers first game of the year.