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Caption This: Honorary Alex Smith Edition

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First of all, I want to apologize for the size of the photo. I like to use the large photo template, but none of the best photos in the recent archive are big enough for it. And while I'm usually okay with phoning in a lame picture just to get that large template, I couldn't afford it this week. I was determined to give us one last Alex Smith Caption This before he takes the field this year. You know, in his honor. 

So this time, you get the good photo. This time, you get Alex Smith assuming the dump position. Squatting over the invisible toilet. Dropping big, black and white, medicine ball sized deuces. Doing the Rowand. But you don't get the size. Sometimes life calls for sacrifices.

Have fun. There's nothing quite so good for a laugh as an accidental prairie dog, and it's probably safe to assume that Alex is popping one here. For better or worse this year, this is the last Alex thread we'll have that is not influenced by his 2011 performance.

So use the comments to provide the most entertaining captions for this photo, and rec' any that make you laugh. Last week was a landmark Caption This, with Ougadas bringing in a record-smashing 36 rec's, followed by a would-be record smashing 26 for mcwagner. Normally I don't give second-place shout outs. But, really. That deserves it.