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49ers vs. Saints: What Time Is It? Game time

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Date: August 12, 2011
Time: 5:00pm PST
Location: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Odds Shark Spread: If you are gambling on preseason games, you don't need my help feeding the addiction!
Weather: Superdome ACTV Broadcast: CBS-5
Radio: 107.7 The Bone, 680/1050 KNBR - Ted Robinson, Gary Plummer, Rod Brooks
Spanish Radio: KIQI 1010-AM, KATD 990-AM - Armando Botello, Jose Castro, Melvin Moran
Saints Coverage: Canal Street Chronicles

Sports Bar Thread

It's only a preseason game, but after a looooooong offseason, football is really back in our lives. We've had plenty of training camp to keep us occupied, but that's really just a needed diversion until the real thing is here. Consider preseason games the next step for the next month until the regular season is here. We can only take so much from preseason action, so for now let's just hope for no injuries and some incremental improvements in the offense. I don't ask for much and I think that's reasonable.

I'm away from my computer for much of the evening (in Las Vegas for my birthday) so James will have new threads as this one fills up. He'll also be back with a post-game recap and we'll be back tomorrow and through the weekend with plenty of reviews of the game. If you live outside the Bay Area and are looking for coverage, I can't promote illegal streams but I can provide you with this $20 option: offers a service where you can view all the preseason games live. If you desperately need a fix, that's an option.