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49ers 0 - Saints 0 Second Gamethread EVERYBODY PANIC

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So Alex Smith is officially garbage. And trash. Trashy garbage, in fact. Where does he get off letting Will Smith (great movies) get past Joe Staley like that? And how dare he try and set, and throw with less than two seconds in the pocket. Unreal. And where does Alex get off telling Vernon Davis to pick up the inside rusher instead of the weakside rusher like he was supposed to?

Absolutely unreal.

Anyway, nothing eventful except for some sexy Donte Whitner pass breakup action. A fumble recovery for a touchdown that wasn't a touchdown and some good shiftyness from Frank Gore. The offensive line really isn't doing any kind of blocking, or rather, the protection as a whole is pretty off. Gore even whiffed on a block, which honestly doesn't happen much. Andy Lee is a God amongst mere mortals, with something like 1000 yard punts consecutively. Go Niners or something like that.