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49ers 0 - Saints - 10 Third Gamethread

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The broadcast crew is telling us that second down is important, and so is third down. According to them, first down also is probably important. I'm very glad that they are here to tell me such facts that I was not aware of. 49ers went with a hybrid first- and second-team defense, with Aldon Smith and Will Tukuafu in. Eleven minutes in, we got a first down by way of Chase Daniel giving his best Michael Vick impression, getting around the pressure and running for 20 yards. NaVorro Bowman is called for the late hit on that play.

That led to the Saints getting three points, which probably means the 49ers are going 1-15 or something this year. Andrew Luck here we come, right? Anyway, 49ers responded with a Braylon Edwards reception and a 49ers first down. Anthony Dixon not looking great out there, I don't like his burst. He's good when he gets up to speed, but his burst leaves nothing to the imagination and he's easy to track.

Oh and there's a punt return touchdown. Colin Jones had the first and best opportunity to bring down Joseph Morgan, but I'm more irked at Keaton Kristick taking the stingy angle instead of the safe one, falling down and missing his tackle. Andy Lee is human and can't force him out of bounds, and the Saints take a 10-0 lead.

Then Colin Kaepernick comes out and hands the ball off five times (Kendall Hunter with a good 13-yard run), and then Kaepernick tucks it and runs, getting across the first-down marker, but Kyle Williams makes an illegal block. So it's a ten-yard penalty and Kaepernick has to pass. He steps up in the pocket and throws a 20-yard completion to the aforementioned Williams. Then, he avoid a five-yard sack and makes it a one-yard sack. After that though, a bad dropback and he gets sacked. On second thought, it looks like it was supposed to be a really short dropback. Then the pocket collapses and he's sacked again.

First team offensive line against Saints backups.