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49ers 3 - Saints 17 Second Half Gamethread

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So the second quarter started winding down pretty fast. Delay of game penalty by Colin Kaepernick, a half-dropback from Kaepernick and three sacks in a row. Not fun. Then Chase Daniel goes and starts tearing up the 49ers defense. That's not entirely accurate, but he started making some good throws and the 49ers secondary gave up easy completions. It's a shame, because the pass rush was on point for the drive. Either way, it was capped off with a 14-yard touchdown run from Mark Ingram. Keaton Kristick read the play, but couldn't get there and CJ Spillman did a lot to make a tackle, it's just that Ingram doesn't really fall down. That's been his shtick for years. If this were the regular season, that kind of tackle isn't even attempted.

Kaepernick starts out the one-minute drill with a completion to Delanie Walker, then throws a deep incompletion to Ronald Johnson, bringing up 2nd and 10. Kaepernick avoids the blitz and recognizes there's no zone, he tucks it and runs, getting 28 yards, and gets out of bounds. Then he's sacked, big time. And throws another incompletion to Johnson, this one nowhere near him.  Then another incompletion to Johnson, and it's way too high, which takes us to fourth down.

Then David Akers nails a 59-yard field goal. Hah. And now we're in the second half, we've got Taylor Mays on the field and a good tackle for a loss to start the Saints drive. Ronald Johnson ends up with a good punt return and the 49ers are set up for ... nothing, really. They punt and it's the Saints ball. Then they punt and it's blocked. But it's not because of a penalty.  And other stuff happened.