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Golden Nuggets: That Was, How You Say, Expected For 49ers

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Well, that game was less than perfect, to say the least. In the title of the Golden Nuggets yesterday, I said I was scared. What happened yesterday accurately conveys all of my fears, but they did also confirm some of the things I was hopeful for. There was a lot of bad, a lot of good, and a lot to leave on the table and not take away from that game. Twelve days of practice, and six days for others, and I feel like the 49ers did alright for themselves. I wasn't expecting them to beat the Saints or anything of that nature, I was just ... curious. Curious more than anything. I was an observer with no idea what was going to happen. I'm looking forward to August 20th, here's some links for you.

49ers unprepared for Saints pressure (

Rough preseason debut for Harbaugh, quarterbacks (

49ers confirm that LB Scott McKillop has not been cut (

Aldon Smith leads solid defensive effort (

49ers' offense blind-sided in blitz-filled opener (

Alex Smith in-game quotes (

49ers post-game thoughts (

Harbaugh Era Begins (

Post-game report: Saints 24, 49ers 3 (

Final impressions (

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