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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Not Far Behind Rest Of NFL, If At All

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One day removed from the 49ers first preseason game, it seems like we've all kept a level head. Well, not all of us, but the vast majority of readers have been looking at the Saints game in the right light: it's just practice. We saw a lot of bad things from a lot of players, but it was not all bad. On August 20th, the team will look that much better, if all goes as it should. One thing that people have been doing that is really starting to bother me is pretty simple: ignoring the rest of the league. People say "oh this is the worst line in the NFL," etc ... Did you watch any other games? Did you see how sorry some of these other teams were? The 49ers are behind the curve of where they'd like to be, but they're not lightyears behind the rest of the NFL. Remember that. Here's some linkage.

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