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Daunte Culpepper To Work Out For The 49ers

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Pro Football Talk is reporting a league source says the San Francisco 49ers are going to bring in Daunte Culpepper for a chat and a workout. This comes following offensive struggles on Friday and Him Harbaugh indicating the team might consider adding a veteran free agent in the right circumstances.

The quarterback performance was fairly abysmal for much of Friday's game and we're all hoping for a sizable improvement next week against the Raiders. The lack of offseason practices created a steep learning curve this month and we're seeing that play out. I agree that the offensive line did them no favors, so it is probably easier to chalk it up as an overall poor performance.

As for bringing in Culpepper for a workout, I'm not really sure what to make of that. It's good to at least do his due diligence with some veterans. At the same time, Culpepper's last strong season was 2004. He's had his moments since then, but they've been far and few between. I don't really know how I'd compare him with Troy Smith or David Carr, but for a third QB, I guess it's more or less "whatever."

Do you guys think Daunte Culpepper could bring anything of value to the 49ers QB position?

On a side note, big thanks to Ninjames and the rest of the front page stuff for putting together some quality content yesterday in spite of what looked to be a fairly dismal performance on Friday. I'm out of town and finally getting a chance to re-watch the game and it is not a thing of beauty.