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Golden Nuggets: Daunte Culpepper Is Our Future ... Oh No

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Morning, folks. I've got to go to the God-awful DMV in the morning, so the Nuggets are going to be short and sweet today. I don't think there's a ton of links today anyway, nothing big going on except ... oh damnit, Daunte Culpepper? Really? When he mentioned about a month ago that he wanted to get back into the NFL, I sent a message to Fooch saying "Daunte Culpepper is our future!!" jokingly. Now I'm worried that he might be. Which sucks. Then again, maybe I'll stumble across a link that says otherwise right now. We'll see. Let's get to the links, folks.

49ers will work out Daunte Culpepper (

49ers defense: Player-by-player review (

Beating The Blitz (

49ers' Smith: It feels like a QB competition (

49ers Sign TE Nate Lawrie (

49ers camp report: Cowboys secure win (

Jim Harbaugh clears up QB controversy with more pressure on Smith (

49ers Address The Blitz (

49ers practice notes: Culpepper workout confirmed, "The Catch" 30-year remake failed (

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