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49ers WR Michael Crabtree Out Of Orthopedic Boot

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49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree was spotted walking around in a pair of sneakers instead of one sneaker and one orthopedic boot. Last Thursday there was an overlooked note in Maiocco's wide receiver article in which he said the 49ers expected Crabtree to be cleared to practice within the next two weeks. He likely would not appear in any preseason games, but he'd be good to go for week one of the regular season.

We'll have more on the wide receiver position later this week, but for now this is a nice step forward for Crabtree. We haven't heard many updates about his foot, so an injury update like this means there is some level of improvement.

When asked about Crabtree, Harbaugh has been exceedingly positive about his time spent studying the playbook and working through his rehab. Now it's a matter of getting him back on the field and working on his timing with Alex Smith for the regular season. Michael Crabtree is a very talented receiver and the addition of a big-bodied receiver like Braylon Edwards could open up some serious opportunities for Crabtree.