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49ers Player Ratings For Madden NFL 12 Released

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A few days ago, I got the full ratings for the 49ers launch roster for EA's Madden NFL 12. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to post them myself, which sucks. Fortunately, ESPN has went ahead and released the rosters, so I can now talk about them in all of their glory. I use the word "glory" sarcastically because there are a lot of things that really get on my nerves. For some reason, the 49ers have always had zero speed on Madden. None whatsoever. That trend continues with new players on the roster. They've also seen a couple players go down when they definitely should not have.

For instance, Patrick Willis is a 98 instead of a 99. Sure, it's a minor gripe, but he's also only sporting a 90 in speed rating, which is odd, considering he keeps up with just about anybody. Vernon Davis say a five-point decrease from 96 to 91, for reasons I can't possibly explain. Did Vernon's ability diminish last season? Not even a little bit, but his quarterback situation actually got worse so of course he's going to have less yards (50) and less touchdowns (had seven), and yet he gets knocked down five points? Garbage!

That being said, there were some increases that I liked. Josh Morgan went up, and I think it's deserved. He's developed into a solid receiver with good yardage totals, he deserved the increase. Shawntae Spencer went up, which isn't indicative of a great 2010, just that he was underrated on the game to begin with.

The most important thing, obviously, is that Brian Jennings, the team's long snapper, has been included (I wrote a piece about that over at SB Nation Bay Area).. Long snappers haven't traditionally been included in Madden, but with expanded rosters in franchise, you get him! He's currently rated as 61 overall tight end, and I can't wait to take him to the Pro Bowl. Anyway, ESPN has a full link to the ratings right here. Keep in mind that these are based on launch-day rosters, which do not reflect free agency. So what do you think?