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49ers Offense, Timing & Adjustments

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One of the issues that is often raised early in the preseason is that of timing and implementing changes to teams. This year we've got the lockout issue as well that acts like a pretty convenient excuse for timing issues or generally stupid mistakes. Although it was disappointing the 49ers struggled on Friday, I leave myself open to hoping and praying for a sign of improvement this weekend against the Raiders. I realize it's "just the Raiders" but any improvements are welcome.

Kyle Williams chatted with the media before practice and Grant Cohn put together a transcript of his brief media session. He addressed some of these issues of making adjustments and correcting mistakes following the preseason opener:

Q: Big-picture-wise, what went wrong for the offense against the Saints?

KYLE WILLIAMS: I honestly think it was just a couple simple mistakes that will be pretty easy for us to clean up. I don't want to use it as an excuse because we've only been together for a couple weeks. There's a certain familiarity you want to get with your guys and get out there and be on the same page as everybody. Everybody was real excited, there were a couple jitters.

The most specific mistake he addressed was a miscommunication with Colin Kaepernick in which CK took a three-step drop and was going to throw but Williams had not yet turned back:

I took that a little bit deep and he was looking for me to be shorter on that. Again, that's just being on the same page type of stuff. I made my share of mistakes and so did everybody. It's one of those where it's simple mistakes, mistakes where we can take a look at the film and say, OK, we can clean this up. It's not something where we're totally on different books. We're in the same ballpark, we've just got to get on the same page.

What areas do you think we'll see the most improvement this Saturday? The offense as a whole had some problems, but are there certain areas you view as likely to improve, and others you view as likely continual problems?