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49ers 53-Man Roster: Any Sleeper Candidates?

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As the 49ers prepare for this weekend's game against the Raiders, the team has a majority of the 53-man roster in place. The question now is whether any sleepers can slide in to one of the final spots. In assessing the 49ers roster, I'd argue a guy like Ian Williams is not really a sleeper at this point. He may not make the roster, but he's probably got a fairly legit chance to make the team.

An example of a roster sleeper would be a guy like defensive end Demarcus Dobbs. He came into the Saints game in the second quarter and recorded four tackles including one for a loss. He's more sleeper than serious candidate because he's sitting as the third string right defensive end behind Justin Smith and Will Tukuafu. Smith is an absolute work horse, which means the team might be less inclined to carry too many defensive ends. Dobbs chances could depend in part on how confident the team is with Ray McDonald and where Isaac Sopoaga's injury situation leaves him and Ricky Jean-Francois.

On the offensive side of the ball, the biggest sleeper might be a guy like wide receiver Lance Long. He had a solid game against the Saints and will be looking to build on that this weekend. The problem is the 49ers have a whole lot of wide receivers ahead of him on the depth chart. However, if he can do good things on special teams and keep hauling in passes, maybe he surprises us and makes the roster.

Do you have any particular sleepers you're keeping an eye on heading into week two?