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49ers Sitting $15.77 Million Under Salary Cap

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Earlier today, Jason LaCanfora released updated salary cap numbers for all 32 teams. Our San Francisco 49ers sit at $15,770,512 under the salary cap. I'd say that's good news since FO can now give Daunte Culpepper the rich contract he deserves!

The 49ers are far under the cap, but it's not quite as crazy as it sounds. The average team is $11,053,872 under the cap, so the 49ers are not too far down. There are eight teams with more cap room than the 49ers, with the Kansas City Chiefs leading the way at $32,984,542. The St. Louis Rams are leading on the other end, sitting $822,036 over the cap. I thought teams already had to be under the cap at this point, but I'm guessing they've got until the final 53-man roster cutdown, which is scheduled for September 3.

The question now is how or if the 49ers will spend much of that cap room. Depending on how players start out the season, they'd have plenty of room to front load some contract extensions. That could apply particularly to Frank Gore if the team is going to get a deal done sooner rather than later.