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Frank Gore Contract Situation: What Do You Pay The Man?

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49ers running back Frank Gore briefly chatted with the media yesterday and naturally was asked about his future with the team. He wants to stick with the team but if he becomes a free agent so be it. It's the nature of the business after all, but hopefully the 49ers can work something out.

Some people have thrown out DeAngelo Williams recent contract extension as a bit of a measuring stick for Frank Gore. Williams signed a five year contract with the Carolina Panthers worth $43 million, with $21 million guaranteed. The primary comparison for the contract is the fact that Williams is a month older than Gore.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if the 49ers were prepared to give Gore an extension of four or five years. I say that primarily because it would likely be set up where the 49ers would be able to cut him late in the contract and not take much of a cap hit. Although Gore is coming off the hip injury and gets bumps and bruises every year, it's hard to tell how much is left in the tank. He's got a lot more wear on his tires than Williams, but Williams has also dealt with all sorts of injuries.

What kind of contract would you give Gore? Or do you not concern yourself with a long term deal for the 49ers running back?